Artpreneurship: uusia avauksia sektorit ylittävään yhteistyöhön

February 21, 2019

Finnish creative economy holds tremendous growth potential, in particular, if carried out in innovative, cross-sector partnerships. New co-research project Luova Lämpiö aims to change and expand the landscape and enable the alignment of value chains, underline mutual benefit, and stimulate growth.

It may sound odd to claim that communication barriers and information gaps exist between different sectors in Finland, but this void in knowledge transfer seems to be preventing vast segment of the creative professionals and companies from establishing and expanding upon mutually beneficial collaborations.

In particular, creative professionals who do not typically work in commercial partnerships lack network connections, but also basic knowledge and terminology for effectively communicating their expertise to potential business partners. Different sectors rely on partially outdated perceptions of each other's values, aims and operational cultures. This, combined with underdeveloped mutual terminology, lead to situations where potential partners do not understand each other's value potential, skills or goals.

Two-year co-research project Luova Lämpiö, funded by Business Finland, aims to create the needed knowledge base for a partially automated facilitation, service, and collaboration model that is initially developed and scaled in Finland and during later stages internationally.